Monday, August 15, 2011

Scenery: First Attempt on Trees, More Paper Mache

I was always searching for a better ways to make cheaper trees. The only set of tress that I bought so far are 4 Bachmann trees for around $4, and that's as cheap as it can get for off the shelf, ready trees - unless they are second hand. So I knew for a long time that I would have to make my own. But I didn't really want to go down the traditional road of twisting wires. As usual I wanted faster results, so I took out some dead basil plants from my mother's garden that I collected a few months back... cut the branches to make the trunk. Here is a couple of test pictures to show how the trunks look:

The only tress with leaves in these photos are Bachmann ones.

For leaves I took out the year-old stock of PVC dust that I collected while making my 3" telescope. I colored them green and let dry for about 6 hours.

Then I took the dead basil branches, put glue on them and then dip in this stock...

Honestly, I myself didn't like the appearance of the trees that much - actally the trucks looked more realistic than how it looks with leaf on it. The problem is, these leaves stick to only those branches, it cannot spread out in thin layer from the main branches. I need to device something for that and then try again...

Well, now I have to prepare for shifting... so no railroading for quite some time... Here is a small video to look at for next few days...

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