Sunday, August 14, 2011

A long awaited railroading friend in the city... MY city... :D

Well... as I might have mentioned many times before, model railroaders are 'rare finds' in this country... but finally I got to meet one - in person :D

Rohit (Blog, Website) and I connected on facebook and within two week's time he was sitting in my drawing room in front of the layout and talking about paper modeling, his large Hornby collection, what a pain wiring is, his layout design challenges and what we can do about it... by the time we finished a brief ops session on the layout and he took some lovely picture, it was already past 10 o'clock in the evening!Moreover he and his wife, Divya braved through the nagging and terribly frustrating rain, and horribly waterlogged streets that can dampen even the most lofted spirit on this earth - but wasn't enough to dampen theirs... This was undoubtedly a very special evening... Thanks Rohit and Divya... :D

Here is the post from his blog - with the photos that he had taken...
Turquoise Chill: Finally meet the N-Gauge Railroad Modeller

Well, given the 'nightmare of shifting to new apartment' is knocking on the door, I am not sure when I'll be visiting his place (may be not in next 2 week's time) but as soon as I'm set, I'll start bugging him to finish the layout that he is building (Castle Rock East). I think... I think he mentioned that he wouldn't mind some opinion on the layout design front... hmmm... given I spent 3 years designing my layout, and I actually have nothing to do in the designing front at the moment, I believe you are in big trouble Rohit... God knows what you got into... :P :D

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