Misc Photos & Videos

A decent video after nearly 3 years! This video shows some operation in Wrightsville Port, however, this also is the first video with many completed scenes - January 2016

Simple Drop and Pick-up operation in Wrightsville Port (Mar 2013)

More video and Photos (Aug 2012)

The first detailed video (Aug 2012)

After Completing the docks (July 2012)

A couple of my favorite angles (May 2012)!

Wrightsville Port at the new house with it's dedicated lighting:

Dock Workers in the port flood light

Dock Worker in port flood light

Severus getting it's next shipment

The oil portal and the lighthouse

View of the dock: This is where the main freighthouse and shed will be

Loading goods in Severus hold - another view

View of the dock from the to-be-built coal discharge facility

The electric substation for the dock - Hornby Lydle End product

The lighthouse

Towards the (future) coal discharge portal)

Port as it stands on May 2011

Woodland Scenic s Port Workers

May 2011: Another angle

Sirius and Oil Storage

If you were 1 cm tall and walking down the dock, you would have a view like that!