Thursday, October 6, 2016

Port office, Junk Yard and Rooftops

Well, the next endeavor was to complete a project that seemed deceptively small and simple in the beginning - completing the port office and a small junk yard.

For the office building, I went back to my roots of using paper - the brick texture is a scalescenes texture printed directly on a 50 GSM water color paper. Then that sheet was pasted on a 100 GSM water color paper to make a solid brick texture board suitable for N scale.

Windows and doors are Grandt Line products, the corrugated shed is made of styrene corrugated sheets.

Now to the next step - it is very unusual to see a port with railroad not to have a junk yard. However, given how small this layout is, there is not enough space to make a proper junk yard, so I decided to use the real estate available at the base of the grain conveyor tower to make a old junk yard.

Given this is a 1960s layout, I also took the opportunity to bring the 'ghosts of steam' in my theme - in the early days of N scale I purchased a Bachmann set that had a tiny 0-6-0 - lovely little engine that never worked properly. Some point since then I was irritated enough to disassemble the whole engine trying to fix it - never succeeded. The engine remained disassembled and in reality in the status of scrap ever since in a little box - the only thing that was intact is the tender. When I decided to build the junk yard, I just took out those parts, weathered them heavily to create the main contents of the junk yard. In addition, I threw in some more heavily weathered stuff whatever I could find - an odd wheel, some broken corrugated sheets and some literal junk. Added some small amount of tall grass too so that it looks more realistic.

Finally, I also managed to paint and add some rooftop gears in some of the buildings - these are all from a Corner Stone series - first spray painted, and then I used dry brushing to highlight the vents