Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scenery: Background Hill

I continued with scenery for this weekend as well. First I finished the road and made the thermocol/foam base for the hill. I also installed all the street lamps before I put more paper mache in the hill. The testing of the lamps:

Then the paper mache... still wet as you can understand from the photos.

Now, after I finished the hill and went for testing the lights, I discovered that there is something wrong in the connection! Isn't it precious the way defects are discovered AFTER the installation is complete, despite of all the testing and everything that you do!

Anyway, I had to spend another couple of hours to adjust the phases. I also discovered for Model Power lights, it's better to keep just three lamps in one phase, more than that, It doesn't work properly irrespective of the capacity of the power sources.

Also, I brought down the voltage to 6V DC than the prescribed 14V AC. At 14V AC just these 9 lights were enough to light up the whole port! Which is very unrealistic. In reality, street lamps are to light just the streets and diffuse significantly over small distances. 6V serves the purpose perfectly.

Well, I also spent some time making the railings on that tiny bridge...

Next step: rock formations, shades and N scale vehicles with operating headlights!

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