Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scenery at last: Tunnel

I couldn't resist any more... Yes, I thought of touching scenery after being done with the work on the port - the port wall, concrete streets etc. But this weekend, I kind of g 'driven' towards the tunnel.

First, the tunnel portals. I used styrene stone texture sheets with plain, white, 1mm X 3mm styrene braces for the entrance.

Oh! by this time I also took the liberty of doing some ballasting. :P

Coming back to the tunnel, I then added the retaining walls...

Then the paper mache and the road... This road is going to lead to the Lighthouse. It's a thin service road to handle small and medium vehicles, with very tight clearance for vehicles going in opposite directions. Honestly, I personally would never likely drive, or even ride a car on that piece of @#$*&!

To make things more 'dramatic' there is the spare span of plate girder bridge I saved from the ME Trestle kit. And those black 'n' red wires are to put a couple of ratty street lamps- oh yeah! I have civic sense... :P

And here is a small dedication to my tree loving wifey! 'Temporary' tree installations (that have since been removed)

Couple of things if you are wondering about them: 1. the derailed tank cars were noticed after the photos were taken and I REALLY didn't have the patience to go back, put them 'back on track' and take the snap again - Oh! common... 2. the Mache is still wet in the pictures - they are supposed to dry up and become rock solid. So far the transformation looks good, and they kind of look like 'white' volcanic rocks - isn't that precious? :P

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