Saturday, June 22, 2013

Seeing your name in print... it's magic!

Well, more I fall in love with this hobby, more life takes me away from it!

Can't believe that I am putting something up in this blog after 3 months! This is the longest break so far (and literally so, because there is absolutely no progress on the layout since February this year). I just hope that I manage to finish this layout now by this year end.

However, there is one good news - our first publication in N scale Magazine. Thanks Joe Warren to build the initial contacts and then a huge thanks to Walt Huston for guiding me through the process.

So, here it is - our brief history of falling in love with this hobby, and then a consolidated history of building Wrightsville Port - all in super quality glossy magazine paper! Published in two parts: July/August and September/October 2013 issues of N scale magazine:

Here is a sneak peek for people visiting the website. I would welcome your comments and feedback on the article! :)