Monday, March 31, 2014

More civilization in Wrightsville Port!

Started working on the intricate town scenes - pavements, asphalt roads, gutters and drains. There are significant progress in the background scene (Spoiler - the background scenery will be in 3D!) and low relief background buildings. More update on its way. :)

The drain openings are fine mesh from a common plastic sieve. The holes you see in the photos are the provision for lamp posts which I am yet to acquire.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some additional detailing and some new angle on the existing scenes in Wrightsville Port - all taken 'after the dark'

The Old Art Shop with some fabulous paintings - yes this is in N scale!

Another store in the neighborhood - doesn't look so promising!

The neon sign of the bar.

Mr. Shaw and Simon Green again - they had a nice little chat over their favorite scotch this weekend

Dan and his girlfriend had a nice little time too after Dan came back from his 2 month trip to Europe

it's going a little slow for the dock workers in graveyard shift...

An overview of the dock - around 11 PM - overall it's pretty quite now!

Production is on at the paint factory to meet a very tight deadline - passengers waiting for the last ferry in front of the dock