Buildings and Structures

This page is dedicated to various buildings, special industrial structures and bridges and trestles as represented in Wrightsville Port.

Operating Bascule Bridge

As the plan for the port developed, it was evident I would need a lift bridge. And I chose Bascule bridge because it has a unique structure and mode of operation.


Unlike my other models, this bridge is totally made of wood. For details on construction please visit All Model Railroading Forum

Painting, riveting, detailing and weathering done by Mouli.

Oil Storage Tanks

Construction method for the Oil Storage Tanks were a little strange. I searched for a suitable material for a long time and tried making cylinders by rolling cardboard, but somehow, I was never happy with the results. Then one day I suddenly glanced up on the cardboard base of an empty roll of toilet paper - and voila! I knew what to do. to know more about the construction of these, please visit All Model Railroading Forum

7 Story Building

The specific purpose for this building is to hide the layout/staging yard junction and create realistic visual effect that 'a train is entering the scene!' This one will be located at the entrance of the layout and the trains will appear from behind this building.

I used modular Cornerstone series material and cardboard to build this building. Again coloring and weathering done by my wife.

 The entrance to the layout: a rough representation

Wrightsville Port Main Freight house

This is the main freight house of Wrightsville Port.  This building has four large shutter doors on the curved side of the building for the loading/unloading of the box cars as well as big trucks - there is a similar one for 1 box car on the other side. There is a large platform for loading/unloading of only vehicles as well.

The Row House

This building is a paper kit, and primarily a British structure. However, it is not absolutely out of place in an American context and I made some subtle changes which will make this building suitable for this layout. The downloadable and reusable kit comes with ample detailing option that I wanted to exploit to its best. Here are some photos: