Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Inauguration of Hornby Class 08 Shunter

Yes, you read it right! Hornby DCC - OO scale (1:76)!

My best railroading buddy Rohit waited for a month or so to inaugurate his newly acquired Hornby Class 08 diesel electric shunter with sound. So this Sunday (Dec 8th) I went to his place - we had set up a mock layout with a basic inglenook and a loco shed, put some structures in place (he has built a lot of very nice and detailed structures from Scalescenes), plugged his Hornby Elite, connected the points using Hornby's tremendously easy spring electric clips... and voila! we were all set to run trains! It took us 45 minutes at the max to build this mock-up and run trains!

Here is a quick video of this mini-layout mockup that we made. It's made on a 2'X4' base-board to make it in the genre of small layout in OO Scale! What a fun it was!