Sunday, May 25, 2014

New photos and videos

Well, I think I did jinx it the last time when I said that my layout progress is more or less steady this year! Last one month - didn't really touch the layout for more than 5 of hours- just some cosmetic progress, track cleaning, quick operation sessions for friends visiting over the weekends - and that's it! Moreover, my long time friend, Walthers Proto GP 38-2 has decided to take a permanent break from railroading, after 5 years of faithful service. So yes, last one month is possibly the most disappointing railroading month for me in this year so far.

Anyway, here are some latest photos - basically more figures added to the scene:

There is one very significant addition that happened at the beginning of May though - the first coat of water throughout the layout - though there will be many more coats and addition of special effects, that first coat itself made a huge change in the appearance of the layout:

And finally here is a video of another night time operation, with some additional photos: