The Wirghtsville Port Trackplan

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The final plan of the layout:

This is the plan after the completion of the track work and this is exactly how the real thing stands now. If you compare this with the original plan below, you can find the subtle differences. The track-plan is drawn in Atlas RTS 8.0 using RTS 10.0 library, because RTS 10 was not running smooth enough in my computer! Then the plan was imported to TrainPlayer 3.1.1 30 day trial version and rest of the cosmetic work is done in TrainPlayer. And yes, though now I can run trains in my 'real' layout, I always enjoy running trains in TrainPlayer. The plan below actually shows the snapshot of the beginning of an operating session. On the left you can see a 2-8-2 bringing the mixed freight - a slow steady run through the town scene. This engine will drop this train and pick up the one waiting just beside the red crane in the picture and head back towards the central yard (staging). Then the resident RS-2 is going to pick these new set of cars and start switching. It's great to play with a complete layout and see how different things can work out before actually building it. Well, it's a hell of a software and I highly recommend trying the 30 day trial version.

The original plan:

This is the plan I started with. Drawn in Atlas RTS 8.0. Cosmetics are done in MS Paint.


Coalport, Maryland, 1941 plan:

This Ian Rice plan is the one that inspired me to start with the layout. As you can see above, this plan has been modified to a good extent to suit my need.

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