Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better trees! :)

Well, this is actually a late update that I couldn't post 2 week's back because I was shifting my apartment and all. I was not at all happy and satisfied how the basil branches looked with the foliage. clearly it was weird! The problem was, an N scale tree of that size (around 3 inches tall) must have more branches, more leaves and thicker trunk - it should not look like "some green stuff stuck to small, dead branches!" Overall the very structure of these trees were wrong. So I threw them away, and when I was about to throw the rest of the branches, I had an idea, and it worked far better...

All I had to do was to add more branches, right - both thick and thin? So I took some electrical wires - think single strand and thin multi-strand. I wrapped them around the basil in different shapes, and twisted them like branches.

Once set, I applied glue all over the tree and then dip it in the pvc foliage I had already prepared. Once dried, I had a decent looking tree - that looked like... well, a tree...

The copper wires would eventually lose the glossy effect in due time during weathering and the deep brown hue would look perfect for tree branches.

Now, this might not be the best model tree around, but at least the effort wasn't all in-vein and it did work to a satisfactory level (and not to mention they literally come free-not even a single penny was invested behind the tree, well, except time), so I am more or less happy. After all, what's a project without some failed experiments and goof-ups!

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