Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scratchbuilding: Ships

Well, here is a brief introduction of our pride and joy (In ascending order of size). :)

Goj: A railroad tugboat, previously commissioned for ferrying car-floats. Since the decline in the usage of car-floats, she has been towing barges.

Severus: A small cargo ship, about 30 m. Based on a prototype built in the mid 1950s, special attention was given to model the hatch and the derrick.

Sirius: An oil-tanker. Our very first ship and the favourite so far. This ship is an ancient coal fired vessel, built in 1920s in Europe. Then it was bought by an American Company in 1930s. (The ship is still in good condition and is serving small oil businesses around Wrightsville Port.)

Betelgeuse: A container ship. our very own red giant, and the largest vessel in our fleet. Betelgeuse is an old cargo ship recently remodeled to serve as a container ship to support the growing demand of modern age inter-modal transportation.

All these models are scratch built using cardboard, electric wires, toothpicks drinking straws and like. The detailed construction histories can be found in All model Railroading forum.
Coming up: A lot of boats and barges.

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  1. may I ask, what are the materials that you used to make the container ship? I really need to know in order for making one of that for my assignment.