Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A whole lotta holes!!!

(An account of what's happening behind the scenes)

It was about 5 o clock in the evening when our neighbor couldn't contain the curiosity any longer. She came to find out whether or not we were having any carpentry done in the house, and if there were a lot of workmen. Carpentry work yes, workmen- er, no! Kaustav managed to make a lot of noise creating 6 holes in the plywood that wold be the baseboard to our layout.
I had gone out to the hardware store to buy drill bits only to return to find a busted drill machine! So then, we had to make do with the hand drill and chisel that we had. The noise level picked up and so did the curiosity of our neighbor. (That's when she had come in to inquire)
Well, the job did not go as planned, but it did proceed in the path we wanted to take...( I guess that's saying something!) And I helped!
The formal description of the work done will follow soon...

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