Thursday, November 25, 2010

Benchwork.. contd.

The main material used to make the road-bed of our layout is insulation boards. The main reasons for using it are that they are easy to cut and shape and also that they are strong and will be able to withstand the pressure that the running trains and the scenery will apply when the entire model is up and the trains running.

The benchwork had to be made in a few time-consuming steps, details of which are as follows.

Firstly markings were made on the insulation board where the turnout motors and uncouplers would be placed. the holes were cut out and corresponding markings were made on the plywood as well.

Once the corresponding holes were made on the plywood, wood frames were attached on the ply to strengthen the insulation boards.

The support for the insulation board was made stronger by adding foam in between the wooden frames. The insulation board is cut in the shape of the port.

The port is finally taking shape with the insulation boards placed on top of the foam framed with wood.

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