Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Interview with Joe Warren

Well, if you don't know Joe, he is the founder-owner of Showcase Miniatures (well, I remember Showcase Miniatures specificlly as the only manufacturer who produces commercially available N scale motor cycle, that I know of!). Mouli and I recently had an opportunity to be inerviewed by him, you can find the interview here: http://nlayout.blogspot.com

Also, this particular blog is the online directory of all N scale layouts having presence on the web - a MUST for every N scale lover. I am sure many of you you might already added that to your favorites, but if you haven't, please do - highly recommended. There will be many more interviews coming and this will soon become a hotspot for N scalers...

Thanks Joe, for the opportunity and the exposure.


  1. Kaustav and Mouli,

    Terrific interview over on Nlayout! Enjoyed it and you two should be proud of what you have accomplished together. Glad I have the chance to follow your progress!


    1. Thank you so much Mike... We are really happy that you liked the interview (and the layout). It feels wonderful when others enjoy your work - thank you for following...