Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cafe Nimo (Contnd.)

Well, some more progress on the Cafe building. The neon light mehanism is housed securely within the building:

Also, the fire escape for the building is also modeled:

Once the roof is in place, notice the to tiny access on the roof - looks like roof detailing from a distance. The one in the front is the on-of switch, the smaller round access is to use the run pattern selection switch.

Now some shots...

Here is another video to show the different chase patterns of the neon light.


  1. Hey Kaustav, see you finally put the cafe sign into use. the layout is shaping up really well.

  2. Thanks Rohit - yes finally the Cafe sign is in use! it took a long time. I have set up a dedicated place in my new apratment for the layout - with proper lighting and all. Also, the benchwork is going to turn into book shelves for better utilization of space! Once it's set up, you will HAVE TO come for a whole day - I will arrange for beer... :)