Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cafe Nimo

Well, this is a project that I 'kind of' started a long time back. And this particular piece is going to be different - kind of the flashy side of the so far grim background.

As for the shape - nothing exciting, an L shaped building with a cafe in one block and a not so healthy motel in another. The scene around this area of the town is not going to portray a nice neighborhood anyway. This cafe and motel is also a hang out of place for a local biker gang... well that tells you quite a few about the area, and tells you about my next ambitious project as well - modeling enough N scale bikes to model a biker joint - at least 3 -4! That is going to be one hell of a project, I reckon.

Coming to the building - here are the walls with windows and doors:

And now the best part of th building - the Light Works USA 'Cafe' neon light!

Placing the building with the others on the layout gives the persepective of how it is going to look after it's complete and installed. The gap between the tall 7 story hotel in the left and the cafe will have a road and a level crossing, with the cold storage building in the background.

Here, a short video of the neon light animation:

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