Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A BIG Canvas for My Dear Wifey!

It took me 3 weeks to set up the backdrop for the layout while managing work and get the interior of my house set up were running in parallel. After the new year, I started cutting the plywood and started drilling holes in the woods. Once the base for the backdrop was set, I made the backdrop canvas using good quality cardboard. The backdrop has three corners and I made curved canvas for all of them.

Now that is a big canvas for my paint loving partner! So she just started with the black border this Sunday, and since acrylic paint was not really in enough quantity, she started painting the sky with water color! Here are some shots:

The Curved backdrop gives a smooth transition between the two sides:

The dimension of the curved backdrop is clearer in the following pictures:

The effect on the scene:

And finally, the 'panoramic' view. :-) The whole canvas.

Well, I can tell you one thing - Mouli is a happy soul now!

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