Sunday, July 6, 2014

The last of the big cranes...

Long pending, as you all know. I have been planning to get into a new scratchbuilding project for a long time, and other than the new buildings, didn't have the opportunity to look at something more complicated. So this week when I had some time and the chance to start something new, thought of completing the last of the big cranes on Wrightsville Port

My research shows that one of the first proper container portals in the US was in Seattle in late 1960s. May be there were more, but there was not enough research material (articles and photos)online  for me to refer to. Additionally I did find a proper N scale drawing of the first generation Paceco 32.5 ton cranes and that was pretty helpful too. Here are some of the photographs and the drawings that I am referring to:

Now the challenge is the dimension - honestly, I had 'forced' the container portal in my design of the Wrightsville port, hence I could not allow for as much space as it's required for a true container portal, even for N scale. Hence the dimensions had to be readjusted as below:

Now, clearly the ratios will not fit to replicate the actual crane, but all that I can do is to bring it as much close to the prototype crane as possible - I know it's an unrealistic expectation to replicate a prototype that never existed!

So here is what I accomplished so far -

First the basic structure of the tower:

Then the basic structure of the tower and the beam:

Finally with all the basic truss supports and cross beams for strength:

Coming up: Complete detailing of the beam and the tower, including stairs and ladders and the lights.

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