Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Container Crane Building Post - 2

The next step was to create the truss support on the main beam. Also, I made some changes in the design - initially, I thought of going for a fixed beam crane, but then I thought that if I make the beam fold upwards I can create different scenes with different position of the beam, hence decided to go for the retractable one.

So here are the photos of the brass tube truss support on the main beam - used 1/32 X .006 inch (0.81mm X 0.153mm) brass tubes from Special Shapes Co. I used 22 gauge single strand wires inside the tubes for reinforcements, and connecting the joints.

Next step was to design the trolley. given I started making this crane to simulate both working and non-working conditions, I decided to make the trolley movable as well. As for the basic structure of the trolley, used cardboard, pins, and small pieces of 2mm X 1mm styrene tubes as wheels.

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