Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brick (Hotel/Residential) building

It's really really hard to model a brick textured building in N-Scale. but they look so amazing, and fit in so perfectly with the era we're modeling, we just had to have them!! So, we eased our work a little by ordering Walther's Modulars (Cornerstone series) for Brick buildings. the front needed to look authentic, so we used the modulars for the front. The back however was mainly made of cardboard, the floor separators in the building's interior was also made of cardboard. the back has a removable panel so that future renovations, additions and alterations are easier. Once the building was assembled just in the shape and size we wanted, I got a job to do...
This is what it looked like before I got to it.

I had to colour it!!

So, I looked around for ideas and found quite a few online. Finally i settled for using old fashioned charcoal(coloured) powder mixed with a little bit of water. This highlighted the grooves on the surface, making the bricks prominent and made the job of colouring the building that much easier.

The entire building was coloured using the same mixture trying to maintain consistency of colour all around.

The roof fixtures were coloured separately and fixed.

This is how it looks as a whole now!


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