Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wrightsville Port Freight house

Here is a record time build - completed in 3 days. All that is left to do is painting and a little bit of detailing. This building is going to represent the main freight house of  Wrightsville Port. For this one I am not going to bore everybody with all the step by step construction procedures. :) Just some shots and features:

Here is the top view of the building that shows it's unique shape. This building has four large shutter doors on the curved side of the building for the loading/unloading of the box cars as well as big trucks - there is a similar one for 1 box car on the other side. There is a large platform for loading/unloading of only vehicles as well.

The most challenging part in this building was definitely the lighting. I wanted to make sure that the lighting is as prototypical as possible. So I went for Circuitron's Micro lights - 1.5 mm bulbs as lamps outside the building and two white LEDs inside.

The lamp fixtures are basically the tiny coffee stirrer straws and the round shades are thin card boards punched out using a punching machine.

And just to scare you a little, here is the wiring below the building!

Now some different angles:

And here is a night shot:

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