Saturday, April 7, 2012

New (And Hopefully Final) Home for Wrightsville Port!

Ok. This time I felt as good as the day I started building this layout, if not more. Last weekend we shifted to our new apartment, and finally was able to present Wrightsville Port with it's designated and long awaiting corner - and I hope that she doesn't have to move to another unknown place again anytime soon.

I finally got the chance to provide dedicated lighting for the layout - two spot lights and two lamp sheds. the light simulates bright day light and can be switched to Morning/Evening mode by switching off the spot lights.

Here are some photos of the whole layout. The space below the layout has been made into a storage place for all stuff related to model railroading! :)


Now In case you are wondering looking at the above photos, yes, the space below the staging has been converted into a bookshelf. Design and concept - Mouli. Given the recent visits in the house, the book shelf is now definitely a bigger attraction than the layout. :)

And now here are some photos of the layout after it's operational once again. My personal take is, the lighting efforts have paid out!


  1. Awesome! Congratulations on the new apartment. The layout looks terrific and tell Mouli the bookshelves are definitely very nice! Wow the layout has really come along and it is looking really good! It is amazing as you get all the components together how it can look so much more complete.

  2. Thanks Mike. The layout is indeed starting to come together now, albeit slowly. Just wish we could dedicate more time to it. Working on it right now, as a matter of fact. Hoping to post updates soon!
    Cheers, Mouli.

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