Monday, October 12, 2015

Grain Facility Continued

Had some progress made on the grain elevator in last couple of days. The conveyor belt is now complete, and all the components are now painted. The facility is more or less done, requires just a loading chute for the barges, some grain on the open part of the conveyor and a barge full of grain!


  1. That's an impressive structure Kaustav.
    Looks like it got a bit of weathering since last post ? Looks just right.


    1. Thank you Brad. Yes, the silos and the elevator got some weathering, the conveyor belts are yet to get some.

  2. Love the layout and appreciate the blog...but...would like to make a suggestion. I would suggest that the photo at the top of the blog be cut down in size to just be a header (e.g. just the top of the screen). I am going through your blog and looking at a lot of posts but everytime I select something and the page refreshes, I have to scroll back down through that large (nice but large) photo at the top of the page!

    Thanks for your consideration!