Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our 2nd Article in N Scale Mag

So we have part 1 of our 2nd article published in N Scale Mag, detailing the process of building the N Scale container crane. Part 2 is releasing on May-June edition.

In the mean time, modeling time is down to all time low for last about 6 months - the last serious effort was the weathering project in September. I am desperately hoping to get back on track soon - pray for me guys!


  1. Alan, or badlandnp of trainboard here, I got my N-scale magazine and was blown away by the cover photo! Showed it to my wife and she recognized your work, which says a lot! Keep it up Kaustav!!

    1. It's a wonderful experience to have one's own work published. However, it's so much more satisfying when it is recognised. Thanks a LOT, Alan.

      Hope we can keep it up!

  2. Hello, I am from Taiwan. I want to know if container cranes are on sale? I have been looking for this because I live in a port and I have a N-scale railway. I am very happy to see this page.