Sunday, July 14, 2013

The new building in town!

Well, I thought I would make some great progress in those couple of days I took off from work, but all that I could manage is basically complete a structure - just one! But yes, what a project it has been!

I purchased a couple of kits (nearly 2 years back) to build some brick structures for the town of Wrightsville - common row houses and a corner shop. The focus was to make this one of the central pieces of the layout - make solid interior detailing, put a lot of street side details around it and make some unique scenes.

So here it is - the building and the scenes:

First the building from the corner - two shops - one grocery and a fish 'n' chips take away shop. Notice that apartment entrance right in front of the factory - bay window, graffiti on the wall - hard to believe it is a paper kit!

Now this photo shows all the interior scenes made so far. We will visit the scenes in the corner shop building in detail below, but the scene around the Fish 'n' chips store is not yet complete. Inside we have the owner and an attendant, and outside we have the resident cat licking her paw! But these characters are yet to be develped.

Now going towards left and zooming in, here is what we see:

Lizzy, the attendant in the local small grocery store Ducketts is cleaning the floor right before closing. In the floor above Mr. Shaw had his long time friend Simon Green visiting him for an evening drink and some serious discussion on books and arts. Mr Green does justice to his name by wearing a suit of the same color and he really is not inclined to accepting that he looks awful in that suit!

Here is Mr. Shaw again with his favorite blue bottle of scotch. You can spot a large peg in front of him (it is as large as 0.75mm dia and less than 1mm height!)

On the second floor, however, there is romance brewing! local college student Dan Andrew had his new girlfriend visiting this evening! We expect the fancy floor lighting to be switched off very soon!!

Here is Dan and his girlfriend with a beautiful painting in the background, and Mr. Green in his awful green suit. If you look carefully, you can spot the whiskey glass in his hand.

As mentioned before, there will be more details and scenes to be added to this building slowly - so stay tuned! :)

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