Sunday, March 10, 2013

More detailing around the lighthouse

Yesterday added more bush, shrub and undergrowth around the lighthouse and the tunnel. Also added the froth and foam on the water - primarily along the shoreline. I added the railings on the trestle as well.

These additions make the scene around the lighthouse complete. Next in focus is completing the grain facility, oil facility and coal discharge facility.

By the way, I received my last order recently. Though it mostly contained detailing and scratchbuilding stuff, there is one that does stand out!

This is Kato container handler. The model does depict a little older time, so works well with my theme. Decent model for it's price.

Oh! I had some visitors yesterday, and got some unexpected help! Mouli's sisters lent us a couple of pairs of good hands to put the base coat on the tiny N scale crates and boxes! Thanks Aritrika and Sucharita! :)

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