Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let there be light!

Well, I received a parcel this Friday (and I surely hope this is the last one for quite some time as it's already a deep hole in my pocket). What did this parcel contain? among other things, this:

This is a Brawa flood light that did cost me around 24 dollars! But I am not complaining even a bit - it's worth that money. EXTREMELY good finish, great detailing, to the scale, The flood light heads can be swiveled to any horizontal and vertical angle desired (!!!!), and yes, the light is just perfect! And the most surprising part? It's not Made in Germany like my previous Brawa lights - it's Made in China! Frankly, this is the best 'Made in China' product I have ever seen! And just hope all my future Chinese products are of this quality.

This stuff comes with a removable base, basically fits to the 'female' piece perfectly (I know that DID sound wrong, but that's exactly how they say it!) The next images will give you clear idea:

Now, I could not resisting doing a temporary installation on the layout. I dug two holes, one for this and another for my other Brawa tall pylon light. Also, arranges for some light in Betelgeuse. This how it looked, just with these three lights:

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