Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Concrete Rail Bridge

If you look at right hand top corner of the plan you will notice there is a small curved rail-bridge just behind the trestle and in front of the lighthouse, leading to the entrance of the small tunnel. I was pretty board cutting cardboard and styrene sheets for last few days to make the concrete surface of the port, and decided to build the bridge for a change.

I didn't really want the bridge to be anything fancy, as you don't really see a fancy bridge in locations like that. I decided to go for an unimpressive concrete bridge.

For robustness and stability I decided to go for wood and chose my long time favorite Jenga blocks. They are nicely machine cut with uniform shape and was perfect for the piers.

First I had cut the two major components of the piers from these wooden blocks - two sections, the wider base and relatively thinner piers.

Next the span of the bridge was made from a single Masonite sheet. There is a 3mm cardboard support in the under side of the Masonite board for rigidity and to gain the right height.

Then I created the side of the bridge with 10mm wide, 1mm thick cardboard:

Then the concrete lining is done using the same cardboard, but only 3mm wide:

Now putting the bridge in it's place...

Now a small video for FUN...

The bridge is now with the painting department... :)


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